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Cost per wear, the MVP of Sustainable Fashion

Cost Per Wear, the MVP of Sustainable Fashion

You're strolling through the Target clearance section, eyes gleaming under the fluorescent lights, when you see it! A shirt, priced less than your caramel macchiato. It's a no-brainer, right? So, you throw it in the cart and head over to the Hearth and Hand section.

It's been a few weeks and a few spins in the wash, and your "no-brainer" shirt is not faring so well. The fit? Laughable. The durability? Well, it already has a hole. Basically, it's on a fast track to the donation pile (or more likely, the back of your trunk for 3 months before donation).

Time for Some Math

Enter me, and well... math. I promise this isn't complicated, it's actually the ultimate "girl math." We are talking about Cost Per Wear, and this has the power to change your shopping behavior.

What is Cost Per Wear?

Cost Per Wear is the idea that when you go to purchase an item, you quantify how much it costs in comparison to how often you will wear it. By prioritizing Cost Per Wear, you're not just making savvy financial decisions; you're voting for a greener, more ethical world with every purchase. This isn't about shunning shopping; it's about shopping smarter. It's a win-win-win for your style, your budget, and Mother Earth.

The Next Time Fast Fashion Temptation Knocks...

Ask yourself, Will this item be a fleeting fancy or a long-term love affair? If it's likely to join the ranks of forgotten fads, or your trunk, perhaps it's time to rethink that impulse buy. Instead, opt for something that promises to be a staple, not a statistic. Your future self (and your planet) will thank you.

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